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Principles of processing of personal data

Reasons for processing of personal data

If you belong to my clients or subscribers of a newsletter you provide me of your personal data and I bear full responsibility for their protection and security. Please familiarize with the principles of protection of your personal data as well as with the elementary principles and rights you have according to the processing of your personal data under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation; hereinafter referred to as the „GDPR“).

All periods mentioned in the Principles of processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the „Principles“ or „Personal data protection principles“) are counted in accordance with the general rules for the counting of periods stated in years of calendar days, under the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the civil code, as amended.

Who is the processor of personal data?

I am Miroslav Kec, IČ 76279472, seated at Lubno 247, 739 11 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic and I provide the website www.PrimalZdravi.cz. I process your personal data as controller, this means that I decide how your personal data will be processed, for how long they will be processed and I am entitled to ask other providers to help me with the processing of the personal data.

Contact details

If you want to contact me during the period of your personal data processing, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to: podpora@PrimalZdravi.cz.

Scope of the personal data and the purposes of their processing

I process only the personal data that you put in my hands for the following reasons (fulfilment of the purposes):

  • providing of services, fulfilment of the contract
    I necessarily need your personal data in an extent of the e-mail address, name, surname, phone number for the purpose of fulfilment of the contract (e. g. scheduling of consultations, coupling of on-line forms with your person).
  • marketing – newsletters sending
    I also use your personal data (e-mail and name) for the purpose of direct marketing – sending of e-mails containing newsletters or any changes in the providing services. If you were my Client I do that on behalf of my legitimate interest since I reasonably suppose that you are interested in my news. This processing lasts for 5 years since the last contract on providing of services expired. If you are not my Client I send you my newsletters on the grounds of your explicit consent only for the time period of 5 years since the consent had been granted. In both above mentioned cases you are entitled to take back your consent using of cancellation link in every mail received.
  • photographic documentation
    If you granted me your consent for this purpose I can present your pictures together with the reference on my services on my website for 5 years since the consent had been granted.

I will keep your personal data for the periods of limitation unless the law states longer period for their retention or if I had stated otherwise in the specific situations.


While browsing my web, I track your IP address, how long you stay, address of the web you came from and your age and sex. I consider using cookies for web traffic analysis and personalization of web pages display to be legitimate interests of the processor, since I believe this will help me to offer you better services.
I do not use cookies for targeted advertisements.
You can also browse my web in mode preventing collection of personal data. To do so restrict cookies for my web in your web browser.

Security and the protection of the personal data

I protect your personal data to the greatest possible extent by modern technologies based on the latest stage of technological development. I protect them as well as they would be mine own. I have already implemented and I keep all possible technical and organizational measures that are currently known and that prevent any misuse, damage or destruction of your personal data, especially:

  • saving of personal data in the encrypted form,
  • backup of personal data on more data warehouses.

Transfer of the personal data to the third persons

For the purpose of procuring of concrete processing operations that I am not able to procure by myself I use services and applications of other processors who are able to protect the personal data as well as or better than me and who are specialized in the specific form of processing. The above-mentioned processors are providers of the specific platforms, such as SmartSelling a.s. (SmartEmailing, MioWeb). It is possible that I will decide to use services of other processors or applications in the future for the purpose of making the processing of personal data easier or more effective. Hereby I promise that in that case I will have at least the same expectations of new processors in the areas of protection and quality of personal data processing as of myself.

Transfer of the personal data outside the European Union

I process your personal data within the European Union or within the states that ensure the same level of protection of personal data on the basis of international treaty with the European Union, alternatively on the basis of the European Commission’s decisions.

Your rights relating to the protection of the personal data

Relating to the protection of your personal data you have a set of elementary rights granted by the GDPR. If you want to use any of your rights, please send an e-mail to: podpora@PrimalZdravi.cz.

You have the right to information which was already implemented through this informational website including the Principles.

Because of the right of access, everyone is entitled to ask me at any time for detail information about his/her personal data that I process. Once your request was sent I have the obligation to prove you the scope and the reason of personal data processed within the time period of 5 days since I had received your e-mail with the request.

If there were any changes in your personal data or if you found your personal data inaccurate you have also the right to rectification or change of the personal data processed.

You can use the right to restriction of processing if you think that I process your personal data inaccurately or illegally (but you do not want to erase all of them) or if you raised the objection against the processing. Within this right you can restrict the scope or the purpose of processing (e. g. unsubscribing from receiving the newsletter limits the purpose of processing for the distribution of commercial communications).

Right to data portability
If you would like to transfer your personal data to another person I will proceed similarly as in the case of application of the right of access. If this right is applied I will send you your personal data in a machine-readable form within the time period of 5 days at least.

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)
Your next right is the right to erasure, also known as the right to be forgotten. I do not want to forget about you but if you wish you can use this right. In this case I will erase all of your personal data including backups from my system as well as from the systems of all partial providers. I will need 31 days for the duly application of the right.
In some cases I have the obligation to archive issued invoices for the taxation purposes for the time period stated by law. Therefore I will erase all personal data except above mentioned exemptions based on another legal obligation. Once the erasure will be done I will inform you via e-mail.

Claim to the Office for personal data protection

If you feel that I do not handle with your personal data in compliance with the law, you are entitled to submit your claim to the competent regulatory authority which is the Office for personal data protection. I will greatly appreciate if you inform me first about the potential suspicion of the infringement of the law so I could be able to take corrective actions.

Unsubscribing from receiving of newsletters and commercial communications

If you belong to my clients I send you my e-mails including interesting topics, articles or offers of services on behalf of my legitimate interest. If you are not my client yet I send you my e-mails under your explicit consent only. In both cases you are entitled to unsubscribe from further receiving of my newsletters by using the unsubscribing link in each e-mail received.


Let me ensure you that my potential co-workers who will process your personal data (nowadays I have no co-workers) will be covered by the obligation of confidentiality of the personal data and the security measures which could possibly threaten the security of your personal data if they had been published. The above mentioned confidentiality continues even after the expiry of the contractual relationships with me. Your personal data cannot be given to any other third party without your explicit consent.

These principles of processing of personal data shall be applied since 25 June 2018.


Some of the articles presented on my website were translated from foreign language and include the original foreign source. If you want to share the articles or their parts please mention the www.PrimalZdravi.cz as a source together with the sources presented on my website beneath the article. If you made any changes in the article please mark them noticeably and point them out. If you want to use the articles for the commercial purposes please contact me first for the purpose of granting of my consent with your intention. My own articles and pictures can be shared only with my previous explicit consent.