The contractual terms of

The Client fully accepted the contractual terms hereinafter and undertook the commitment to obey them since he/she had obligatory ordered Primal Health couching services offered on

  1. General provisions and elementary definitions
    1. The provider is Miroslav Kec, IČ 76279472, seated at Lubno 247, 739 11 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí as a certified Primal Health coach providing the website (hereinafter referred to as the „Provider“).
    2. The client is a natural or legal person that obligatory ordered any of the programs offered on (hereinafter referred to as the „Client“).
    3. The Contractual terms means the contractual terms of presented on
  2. Subject of the contract
  3. The subject of the contract is depending on the subject matter of a specific health coaching program chosen by the Client (hereinafter referred as the „Program“) and includes the following Provider´s services:

    • providing of study materials including information about various spheres of the Primal life style (e. g. food, activities),
    • a specific number of personal consultations or calls via mobile phone or VoIP communicator (e. g. Skype, Webex) lasting approximately from 30 to 60 minutes. The opening consultation/call is realized at the beginning of the Program followed by the others, once per 2 weeks (even weeks of the Program),
    • providing of a feedback in a form of e-mail responses to the questionnaires filled by the Client each 2 weeks (odd weeks of the Program),
    • providing of a client´s support in form of a feedback to any inquires sent by the Client to the e-mail address
  4. Order and the payment conditions
    1. The Client familiarizes with the offer of services providing in the form of the specific Program on and in case of his/her interest he/she contacts the Provider to make a first mutual appointment in a form of a personal consultation or call with the Provider.
    2. After the first consultation/call the Client orders the chosen Program by expressing his/her explicit consent with the offer of the Provider´s services which will automatically lead to the conclusion of the contract on the providing of Primal health coaching services (hereinafter referred to as the „Contract“).
    3. Once the Contract was concluded the Client receives an e-mail from the Provider including the specification of the chosen Program together with the link to the Contractual terms as well as with the personal data protection principles( for the purpose of proving his/her acceptance of these rules.
    4. The Client sent his/her acceptance of the Contractual terms together with the personal data protection principles according to the previous paragraph and afterwards he/she receives an invoice from the Provider via e-mail with the specific payment conditions (the account number, the exact amount to be paid and the reference number – variable symbol).
    5. The Client undertakes to pay the exact amount (price of the Program) according to the payment conditions in the invoice via bank transfer (or PayPal) within the maturity date based on the invoice.
    6. The contract shall be effective since the Client´s payment had been credited to the Provider´s account.
  5. Client´s commitments
  6. By concluding the Contract, The Client undertakes especially these obligations:

    • to make a reservation of the next personal consultation/call via on-line reservation system available at the specific subsection of the website,
    • to ask the Provider for a replacement or cancellation of the consultation/call at least 24 hours in advance in case he/she will not be able to attempt the consultation/call,
    • to fill in the relevant questionnaires before and after the consultation/call,
    • to fill in a reporting form in odd weeks,
    • to actively endeavor to achieve his/her goals set on the basis of the mutual consultations/calls,
    • not to provide any study materials gained from the Provider beyond the Program to the third persons.
  7. Provider´s commitments
  8. The Provider is obliged especially:

    • to attempt the mutual consultations/calls and to supply the Client with specific study materials and to support the Client in his/her efforts,
    • to inform the Client at least 24 hours before the consultation/call in the event he will not be able to attempt the consultation/call and to ask the Client to postpone the consultation/call for a new date chosen by the Client,
    • to provide the feedback to questionnaires filled by the Client at least 24 hours since he had received them,
    • to response to other prospective e-mails questions by the Client at least 24 hours since he had received them,
    • to help the Client to set his/her achievable goals in a life style and to encourage him/her to theirs successful reaching.
  9. Right of withdrawal of the Contract
    1. The Client is entitled, in compliance with his/her consumer rights granted by the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the civil code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the „Civil Code“), to withdraw the Contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the Contract.
    2. The above specified withdrawal of the Contract shall be made via e-mail to or by way of a letter sent to the contact address of the Provider – Miroslav Kec, Lubno 247, 739 11 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic.
    3. Once the Client withdraws the Contract according to previous paragraph he/she will get the price of the Program paid back. The payment of the Program´s price will be transferred by the Provider within at least 14 days since the Provider had received the Client´s withdrawal of the Contract.
    4. If the Client failed twice to attempt scheduled consultation/call without any due reasoning or he/she failed to send the questionnaire, the Provider is entitled to withdraw the Contract with the Client.
    5. The effects of withdrawal under the paragraph above come into force when the Provider´s e-mail including the withdrawal is delivered to the Client´s e-mail address.
    6. In case of withdrawal of the Contract by the Provider the Contract shall be repealed from the beginning with exclusion of Article 7 of the Contractual terms. The Client receives a proportion part of the amount he paid for the unfinished period of the Program. This part will be transfer to the Client´s account within at least 14 days since the delivery of Provider´s withdrawal to the Client.
  10. Provider´s disclaimer
    1. Any information and advises published on as well as provided during couching are intended for education of its guests/Clients. This information cannot substitute medical consultations with the medical practitioner. Therefore the Provider strongly recommends talking with medical practitioner about any changes of life style in advance. In case of any doubts or questions relating to health condition or use of medicines the guests/Clients should ask his/her practitioner for help.
    2. Articles and opinions presented on are strictly based on the results of the latest scientific studies and are published in good faith as well as with the belief that they are able to improve health.
    3. The Provider shall not be responsible for any real or deemed damages caused on the basis of information published on
    4. The guest/Client takes full responsibility for his/her decisions about his/her health and lifestyle. Therefore the provision of § 2950 of the Civil Code shall not be applied to a contractual relationship between the Provider and Client.
  11. Final provisions
    1. The Contractual terms are in compliance with the general legal and regulatory framework in the Czech Republic, especially with the Civil Code.
    2. If any provision of the Contractual terms becomes invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Such a gap will be replaced by the closest alteration to the purpose and original meaning of the Contractual terms.
    3. The Provider is entitled to process personal data of guests/Clients in compliance with the principles of its own personal data protection principles published on
    4. Any communication between the Provider and Client is carried out in the form of e-mails.
    5. The Contractual terms enters into force since 3 July 2018. The Provider reserves the right to amend the terms. In that case the Provider is obliged to inform the Client at least one month before the amendment of the terms will enter into force as well as to inform the Client of his/her right to withdraw the Contract due to the amendment of the Contractual terms.